At Gift a future, we go beyond monetary aid through a training and support module developed with the help of professional life skill trainers. The GAF Sparks programs are facilitated by trained volunteers for students of classes 10, 11 and 12.

These programs facilitate the child to dream, to set goals in pursuit of their dreams, to overcome the challenges in their way, and to communicate to the world about their dreams and aspirations. These are achieved through team building, character building and goal building workshops.

Volunteering for the Interaction program would involve a day’s travel in the weekend across Tamil Nadu once in three months.

Would you love to be their mentor in giving shape to their dreams / Join hands with us in reaching out to the GAF scholars who look forward to interacting with you.

We work on developing on our work and are always on our toes. Your creativity would be a major add-on to our campaigns, banners and many other creative’s that would both be used in physical as well as digital platform.

Creativity knows no bounds. Get in touch with us and lets explore how we can work together.

We believe not in writing for documentation, but for expression. Your words can effectively convey the reality to the world. Your words can concisely throw light on the work we do. Spend time with us to experience GAF and then write about the scholars, program and your journey.

If you like conversations and you are a social person this would be your ideal place! Champion our cause and help us reach out to more people who can support us to create more GAF scholars.

What can you do?

Be a Gift a future Ambassador by

Introducing the idea of GAF among student volunteer groups in colleges and outside

Discussing within organizations about GAF and linking GAF team and CSR units

Promoting alternate ways of gifting – Gift certificate, Matching Special days among your network

Would you be interested in narrating the journey of the GAF scholars through digital media?

Each GAF Scholar has a story waiting to be told. Document their journey and in the process create a beautiful product that appeals to you first and then to the world. Volunteering for this would involve travel across Tamil Nadu- trips that would yield a story.

If you are interested in social media and social networks, you could be on top of it all while volunteering with us. You would champion our online efforts with our campaigns, promotions.

Create branding strategy, promote our special gifting ways like Gift Certificate and Matching special days and a lot more!

Join us and analyze data to figure out what next!

Please write to us with your ideas in the “Message” section in the form below and we will get in touch with you. Let us initiate a discussion and work together.

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