G. Paramasivam CLASS 7 GAF Scholar Since 2017

Paramasivam's father has ulcer, he is employed as a labour in a hospital and has been educated till high school. While his mother has been educated till middle school and currently employed as an agricultural labourer. Paramasivam walks 3 kms to school and has regular attendance. He has an older sibling who is pursuing his school education. +

They live in a single room rented house with asbestos sheet roofing. They have a single light service. -

Total Fees : 6000
Balance Fees : 6000
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R. Swetha CLASS 7 GAF Scholar Since 2017

Swetha's parents have received education upto middle school. Her father sells eggs on the roadside for a living and her mother undertakes agricultural labour work. Swetha travels 14 kms to school by public transport and has regular attendance. She has two younger siblings studying in school. +

They live in a two-room house with thatched roofing and cook on a mud stove. They have no electricity. -

Total Fees : 2000
Balance Fees : 2000
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