S. Ravikanth CLASS 7 GAF Scholar Since 2017

Ravikanth's mother has been diagnosed with a major illness. She has been educated upto middle school and has been engaged in agricultural labour to support the family. His parents live separately and he stays with his grandparents. Ravikanth travels 10 kms to reach school by public transport and has regular attendance. +

They live in a rented two-room house with concrete roofing. -

Total Fees : 7000
Balance Fees : 7000
0% Complete

B. Shalini CLASS 7 GAF Scholar Since 2017

Shalini's mother suffers from emotional disturbances and is and unable to support the family. Her father works as a mason; both parents have received primary level of education. Shalini goes to school by walk and has regular attendance. She has two older siblings who are studying in a school. +

The family lives in a single room house with tiled roofing. -

Total Fees : 2000
Balance Fees : 2000
0% Complete

P Delect Akshara CLASS 11 GAF Scholar Since 2017

Delect Akshara's father is handicapped with a disabled right leg and unable to work without a formal education. Her mother works as an agricultural labourer and has received high school education. Her grandmother lives with them and works as a housemaid. Delect Akshara walks to school every day and has regular attendance. She has an elder sibling in college. +

The family live in a rented single room with a thatched roof. -

Total Fees : 6000
Balance Fees : 6000
0% Complete

M. Madhura CLASS 8 GAF Scholar Since 2018

Madhura's parents work as tailors and have both been educated upto high school. His father has a leg disability. Madhura walks to school and has regular attendance. She has a younger sibling studying in school. +

The family live in a single room house with a concrete roof. -

Total Fees : 1000
Balance Fees : 1000
0% Complete