Sponsor the education of a child whose birthday falls on a day that is special to you!

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other day of remembrance?

Make that day double special!

Everyday of the year, there is at least one Gift a future Scholar who is celebrating their birthday. By choosing a date and month you'd get to view the Scholars whose birthday matches that special day.

Treat the GAF Scholar to the greatest gift- THE GIFT OF EDUCATION!

Here are GAF scholars celebrating their birthday this week

B.Sibiraj 12th Std GAF Scholar Since 2017
D.Deepak 11th Std GAF Scholar Since 2017
J.Ambigapathy 12th Std GAF Scholar Since 2016
S.Sanjai 11th Std GAF Scholar Since 2016
T.Swathija 12th Std GAF Scholar Since 2016

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