Contributing to GAF

Who is a GAF scholar?

Students enlisted in Gift a future website are GAF scholars.
You can support a student’s education by contributing towards the cost of education of a student in multiples of Rs.1000/-.
A minimum contribution of Rs.1000/- will help support the education of a student.
Yes, you can support more than one student’s education.

Payment Details

Contributions to Gift a future are accepted in the form of cheque, credit/debit cards, NEFT,PAYTM. You will be provided with donating options during the donation process.
Currently you can contribute in Indian currency and USD. We will notify you once we start accepting donations in other currencies.
For contributions made in Indian rupees, 80-G tax exemption certificate will be provided.
If a donor request for refund of the donation the same will be provided.

Selecting a Student

Yes. You can search for a student online by student family background,donation amount. Sponsoring online is an easy way to make a difference to a student’s future.

On sponsoring a student, you will receive a donation receipt. Resident Indian donors who contribute in Indian Rupees will receive an 80G tax exemption certificate along with the donation receipt. During the academic year, you will be given information on his/her academic progress.

You can read about Gift a future selection process here(provide link that takes them to Overview – How Gift a future works)
Gift a future would greatly appreciate you sponsoring a student’s education in its entirety. However, you may fund a part of a student’s education.
As a policy, Gift a future requests that monetary gifts or other gifts not be sent directly to the student whose education you sponsor. Thank you for understanding
In order to ensure that the privacy of the student or family is kept intact, we recommend that you do not meet the student/family. However, you can communicate through us with the student by sending him/her wishes on his/her birthday, wishing for exams by sending a mail and the response from the student will be sent to you.
Gift a future does not support payments to the student/families directly. We on your behalf pay the school and ensure that the family is kept informed of the same.


Gift a future makes payment directly to the school through the local NGO. Money will not be sent to the student’s family.
Apart from school tuition fees, your contribution will go towards book fees collected by the school.
Gift a future team works closely with the student, school and family in monitoring the academic performance of the student and strives to enhance the performance of the student.
Gift a future is aimed mainly at supporting secondary education – which is between middle school (Class 6) and Higher secondary (Class 12). Students listed on the portal have the opportunity to be continuously supported till they finish school education provided they show improvement in performance and their economic situation remains unchanged.
Yes, you can. We will keep tab of it and pay the school every year.

Sponsorship Queries

Yes, we have Gift a future Gift certificates which you can gift to people on occasions like wedding day, birthdays etc and use this opportunity to introduce the portal to them, asking them to logon and choose students to whom they wish to extend support in order to redeem the gift certificate.
We also have Gift a future Matching Birthdays which allows you to match your special days with GAF scholar who celebrates his/her birthday on that day and support their education.