Gift a future story

Gift a future is an initiative of Altius Foundation, a Trust founded by Mr Srikanth Chandrasekaran and Ms Gita Srikanth.

The founding members of the Trust as well as the other trustees have in their individual capacities been associated with education or facilitating education through economic support. Their individual experiences have been given the conviction to this team to scale up these efforts and to facilitate public participation and make supporting education a social movement, the first program from Altius Foundation towards achieving this end is Gift a Future.

What is Gift a future?

Gift a future's mission is to remove economic impediments that come in the way of education.

Gift a future offers you an opportunity to support students who need financial assistance for continuing their education. Through the internet Gift a future aims at creating a global community of people who will support students in need of financial assistance to complete their education.

Gift a future promotes

Dignity -Promotes support relationship as against benefactor relationship.

Accountability - Keeps donors updated on the performance of the students that they support and works closely with the student and schools to improve the performance of these students.

Transparency - Gift a future is an open platform which provides information that can be accessed by one and all and allows free flow of information.

How Gift a future works

Gift a future, partners with schools recognized by the government to help identify students for educational assistance.

It reaches out to schools and supports students who are economically weak to continue their education. The stages involved in the process are: ( below this they can see only Identifying the right schools , Identifying the right students. If they click on anyone of these everything below will open up)

Identifying the right schools

  • Recognized schools that are imparting quality education are identified after a detailed evaluation of their physical and human infrastructure and are offered a chance to participate in the programme. Identifying the right students
  • Gift a future reaches out to identified schools
  • Interacts with the school authorities to brief them on the objective of the program and impresses upon them the necessity of avoiding dropouts on account of the economic condition of students.
  • Urges them to identify the right type of students in their school for support through this program in an unbiased manner.
  • Provides them with pointers for identification of students
  • Gift a future team then interacts with the students and prepares a preliminary detail on the condition in which the student is living based on which some/all students are selected.
  • Parents/ guardians of the students are called for a meeting in the school and the details of the program are outlined to them.
  • The roles & responsibilities of the student (to improve performance), parents (to take interest in their child's education and attend meetings called by the team) and Gift a future (identify donors for support) are outlined.
  • Gift a future calls for a meeting of parents of these students and impresses upon them the opportunity thrown open through this program for their children's education.
  • It educates them on the importance of continuing the education of their children and not to discontinue the education of their children on account of economic conditions.

With the school authorities, Gift a future team members fill up applications of the students needing support and ensure necessary documentation to validate their claims. It then hosts the student on the portal and provides necessary details on the child to the supporter.

All operational costs are absorbed by Altius Foundation

100% of your contribution goes towards the education of students.